The SLAP & WRAP   is the newest and neatest method of adding an insulated can or bottle wrapper to your favorite can or bottle  beverage. Their revolutionary flat design makes them easy to store as well. It is spring loaded & waiting for you to SLAP it around a can or bottle!
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It is the most versatile beverage containment system you'll ever find! These SLAP and WRAPS  will fit any can or bottle, and will always retain it's shape. (Two metal strips with total memory run end-to-end inside the 1/4" textured neoprene. Simply grab the top section of the SLAP and WRAP  by the ends, straighten, and grab the bottom section at both ends and straighten. Total size is 3.5"W x 9"L) 
amc 800-866-3810

You can roll the SLAPandWrap  up and stick it in your pocket, (wear it on your arm  or ankle for that matter..) or flatten it out and stick in your pocket(book), above your visor or in the glove box. No more having to leave your favorite drink kooler behind in someone's trunk! Then there's another added feature of the SLAP and WRAP as well; with an open bottom, there's no fluid build-up at the bottom of the kooler that spills all over your new shirt or blouse!

They are priced individually here, or you can go to and look up SLAPandWRAPS and price these out in large quantities. OR how about creating your own? (min. 125 @$2.05 ea. plus $41 set-up.)  Just give us a call  800-866-3810.